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Aquafresh is India’s one of the best UV RO water purifier merchant and has created the system to meet all the requirements of NSF/ANSI water quality standard with added features. You will be surprised to know that numerous water purifiers available in the market eliminating vital minerals available in the water, our RO machine comprise all such essential minerals and offer you water which is more than pure and healthy.

We are seeing two major water problems in Delhi NCR and one of them is availability and another is quality of the water. Both of these aspects are losing their presence and today tap water is no more drinkable. Therefore, RO water purifier installation and use have become necessity and compulsion. If you also want a standard and quality RO water along with customized, contact Aquafresh Company. Our service is available Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad.

You would see most of the people buy RO water for drinking rather than having their own purifier. Why? There must be some reason and that is proper customer service. With Aquafresh Company, you will have following features in our service-

  • Professionalism - It is one of key elements of the service and this is why we have built a team of professional and responsible people who will profoundly understand your requirements and hence provide an adequate solution.
  • Friendly People - We never want to see alterations in the purifiers of our customers. We send well-behaved experts who talk and act friendly with our customers. They help customers in restoring their RO water purifier.
  • Real-time Solution - When you talk to our customer care executives and share the problems regarding your installed Aquafresh RO water purifier, we list down all details. This helps us in providing real-time solutions to tender your requirements. You may hear some chuckling or err sound in your product sometime, but you need not worry as we are available for your service. Whatever is your problem, we remove them with assurance.
  • Affordability - Is your service affordable or not? We entertain such queries at regular intervals and we love to answer them as”sir or madam, we don’t take any hidden charge. Everything will be transparent and detailed to you”. So never have to worry while choosing our Aquafresh RO purifier service.
  • Aquafresh is a customer - friendly service company for all water purifier customers. We dedicatedly serve the requests of our customers and relieve their irritation. We provide germ and microbe free approach along with free shipping and installation service for your new water purifier. We also provide product warranty that comprises your offer against faulty design, wrecked parts, equipment and workmanship for next 12 months from the date of installation. We are here for people of Delhi/NCR and their pure and healthy water concern.
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2499 Service Kit New

2499 Service Kit

Aquafresh Service 2499 Plan   Necessity of 2499 PlanAfter 12 months RO needs to chang..

₹2,499 Ex Tax: ₹2,499

Book Visiting Charge

Book Visiting Charge    ..

₹250 Ex Tax: ₹250

RO Installation Charges New

RO Installation Charges

Standard Tap RO Installation Charge for one side. It is just a labour Charges and if any part n..

₹499 Ex Tax: ₹499

RO Service Kit - 1 New

RO Service Kit - 1

Aquafresh Service 1199 Plan (RO Service Kit 1)Necessity of 1199 PlanAfter 12 months RO needs to chan..

₹1,199 Ex Tax: ₹1,199