Care for a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Posted by Manish 15/09/2014 3 Comment(s) Water Filter,RO Plant Filteration,

When you should clean the RO system

It is essential to note the values and closely monitor the RO system. Cleaning of the system is recommended highly in three specific instances. The first is when the normalized flux has been reduced, even by smaller amounts. Another instance is when normalizes salt content of filter is raised slightly and in case you notice a reduction in the rise in pressure in the pressure container. You should clean the RO system in every 3 to 12 months according to the fouling which the Reverse osmosis water filter is subjected to.

How to conduct the cleaning procedure

With the frequency of cleaning, the time needed in order to clean the RO filtration system range from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the amount of fouling that is present. It is essential that the cleaning procedure should begin with low flow circulation along with filtrated water for the removal of dirt and clogging. After this, you require introducing the cleaning solution as recommended by the manufacturer. The cleaning solution should be kept in the filtration process for a time duration of 60 minutes. If there is a change in PH above 0.5 pH units, you require adjusting the same to the targeted pH value prior to proceeding. The similar cleaning technique needs to be used in different subsequent stages. You can include an optional soak and recirculation, following the instruction of the manufacturer and ensuring that the proper pH and temperature can be maintained. It is also recommended to make application of low pressure and rising the filtered water for the removal of chemical residues from RO skid and cleaning skid.