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Aquafresh Frequently asked questions  



Which spare parts are covered under Warranty ?

Ans. Under Warranty period, all electrical/electronic parts are covered for 1 year. The warranty is governed by terms & conditions mentioned on warranty card, please read it. The consumable parts are not covered in warranty as it is consumed by the quantity of usage and the quality of input/sourced water.

These include:

§  Booster Pump

§  SMPS/Adopter

§  Solenoid Valve

§  Flood Valve

§  Auto Cutoff Switch

§  UV Choke


These exclude:

§  Pre-Filter                 (Consumable Item)

§  Sediment Cartridge (Consumable Item)

§  Carbon Cartridge     (Consumable Item)

§  Membrane                (Consumable Item)

§  UV Lamp                 (Exclude by Vendor Company)

§  Plastic Parts  (Due to physical damage/other reason)


Will you be more specific about membrane life?
Ans. Of course. There’s no specific life of a membrane. It’s life can’t be measured by the TIME. It’s life depends on two main factors:

1. The Quantity of usage means how much water membrane filters

2. The Quality of input/sourced water means what TDS level of water has at your place and other factor like turbidity, iron level etc.

Generally a membrane can filter 6000 to 10000 ltrs of water depending upon the input TDS level and subject to all other filters preform in good condition.


When should we give you a service call?

Ans. It is recommended to get service of your water purifier in every interval of six (6) months.


When do you change the electrical parts of my R.O. system?
Ans. We change electrical parts when they malfunction or stop working. There’s no defined intervals for changing them.


What do you mean by Delhi & NCR and what about your services/warranty terms related to it.

Ans:  Delhi means the urban area of Delhi and NCR means the urban area of National Capital Region: Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad. We are only covered a limited area of NCR,

The services & warranty terms in Delhi & NCR

a)      Free standard installation

b)     One year warranty as per warranty conditions.

c)     Cash on Delivery (COD) facility available.


The services & warranty terms for other cities in India than Delhi.

a)      Free Shipment in anywhere in India.

b)      One year warranty managed by courier service .

c)      Free spare parts are provided.

d)      Cash on Delivery (COD) facility is not available


Who will give warranty and how it will be installed in my house at civil Line, Allahabad.

Ans: For Other Cities (outside from Delhi & NCR) in India : The warranty is offsite. It means the customer has to take care of door step services & installation of the unit at his own cost by any local dealer in his area.

We provide you the assistance by phone, whats app, youtube etc  for installation and service as possible.




After how many months i need to replace filter. How much it cost to replace filter on yearly basis. Please give your valuable feedback?

Ans: It is recommended as below to change filters on regularly basis for insuring the purity of water.


Serial No

Parts Change

Working of Part

Approx. Life Cycle



Spun Candle

Remove physical impurities like dust, mud etc.

6 months or 3000 litres

Rs. 250


Sediment Cartridge

Remove physical impurities like dust, mud etc.

12 month or 6000 litres

Rs. 300


Carbon cartridge

Reduce Chemical impurities like chorines etc.

12 month or 6000 litres

Rs. 300



It remove 90% (+/- 5%) of TDS  (Total Dissolved Solids) from the water. It softs your water and remove microbiological impurities  like bacteria virus fungi protozoa etc.

12 month or 6000 litres








Items in the Box for offsite warranty products


Items in the Box



Water Purifier

 One unit


Pre-filter set (with candle)

One unit


Extra Candle (Required after 6 month)

One unit


Two Pipe (White pipe for input & Blue pipe for reject water)

1.5 meter each


One Tap Fitting set (Nipple & Valve)

One unit


Spanner (opening key for pre-filter)

One unit


Flow Restrictor (FR) {attached in Blue pipe)

One unit


Tafflon Tape

One unit


Manual and Warranty Card

One Book


Product Invoice

One copy



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